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VR Glasses Headset Stereo Glasses

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VR Glasses Headset Stereo Glasses


  •  Ideal gift: VR glasses are a great gift for adults and children, which invites your family and friends into your immersive VR world, share your love through VR headsets. 
  • Comfortable and lightweight: the headband design greatly reduces stress and makes it easier to wear. The VR helmet detachable face protector is made from ultra-soft, washable breathable fabric to help you stay comfortable during use.
  • Bluetooth remote control: hover over the sea and many terrain through different levels of difficulty. Avoid all enemies or simply destroy them to defeat the record. Finish checking the mission around a ridiculous planet to see if people are there. 



  • 3D Glasses Type: Virtual Reality
  • Compatible Device: Smartphones
  • Viewing Experience: Immersive
  • Type: Binocular
  • Set Type: Controllers Sets